About Sharing City Approval Mark

As long as the local governments can meet the folloeing requirements, the SEAJ will award Sharing City Approval Mark to the local governments which have declared as Sharing City.

The certified Sharing City can use "Sharing City Approval Mark" on PR activities.


  • 01Introduce two or more sharing services from the SEAJ member companies to their city.
  • 02Loccal governments should promote the introduced sharing services by PR activities
    ① Post the information on HP of local governments
    ② Exposure to magazines of loccal governments
    ③ Loccal governments host the study session together with the introduced sharing services business operators.


  • 01The news from the SEAJ HP, e-mail magazine for members, MEETUP and PR opportunities will be provided.
  • 02It's possible to join the certified local governments oriented MEET UP (Local Government Summit) and networking events at maximum 2 participants.
  • 03We will provide a plan format.
  • 04It's avaliable to use the news from HP and the logo of the SEAJ. the SEAJ also prepares the e-mail magazine and PR activities of MEETUP to the SEAJ members.


Submission of documents

Please submit "Sharing City Trust Mark Application Form" to the SEAJ.

Review by the SEAJ

Certified by the SEAJ

Start using Sharing Economy Trust Mark

We will send 'Sharing City Trust Mark data' .

Post on the website of local government

Please introduce the sharing services on the homepage of local governments.

Update at the end of every fiscal year

Please submit a new application for updating the approval mark. The "Sharing City Approval Mark data" will be sent from SEAJ.